For decades NETZSCH pumps has been globally renowned for its quality, reliability, efficiency and process optimised design. However, for more intensive applications, the product range was missing a NEMO pump that could be serviced in-situ without removing the pipework.

For the last three years, the NETZSCH R&D department has focused on designing a pump that is easy to maintain with an accessible opening from flange to flange offer-ing minimal manual handling.

Once the newly positioned inspection lid has been removed from the pump housing, the rotor and stator unit can be easily lifted out together. All working parts along the rotating unit are now accessible through the large opening, significantly reducing the assembly and dis-assembly time.

The overall dimensions of the pump remains unchanged, which means that installed pumps, both with conventional or iFD stator can be retrofitted at any time.

Head of NETZSCH R&D department Hisham Kamal said: "We are proud to introduce a pump with a smart technology solution that, like the revolutionary TORNADO T2 three years ago, truly deserves the title ‘full service in place’.