The growing Swedish mining analysis company Xore has joined two cleantech initiatives, Cleantech Kvarken and Cleaner Growth.

"The projects goes well in-line with our applications on for example industrial waste water and quality assurance of slag. However all our applications focus on increasing productivity and efficiency and thereby reducing waste of valuable resources" says Mikael Normark, CEO.

Leading supplier of analysers

Xore is one of the world’s leading suppliers of on-stream analysers and related services to the mining industry for on-stream analysis of pulp and liquids. Boxray analysers are used in, for example, metal smelters to monitor metal content in waste water and electrolyte. The analysers deliver accurate data at a high pace to the control room or control algorithms.

"We help customers primarily in the mining industry, the world over, to optimise their production. Our system for online elemental analysis is fast, precise and provides continuous analyses. Industrial wastewater treatment plants can use a Boxray analyser to have continuous monitoring of metal content. Online analysis is used to optimise the water treatment process for maximum efficiency and reduced use of chemicals, which in the end saves money for the customer." says Mikael Normark.

Growing within cleantech

Today, Xore’s analysers can be found on markets over three continents. Xore is in an expansion phase and has recently sold its first unit to Africa.

"We are working hard to reach new markets and find new customers for our proven technology and applications within for example waste water treatment", continues Normark, "with these collaborations we hope to open up new channels and reach new customers" says Mikael Normark.

Cleaner Growth’s mission is ‘to create an innovative, marketing, research, and business development platform, a Regional Cleantech Arena, that shall support small, and medium-sized enterprises, enable them to become competitive regionally and globally, and grow by leveraging available world-class resources and capabilities, and to eventually evolve into a program for sustainable cleaner growth in northern Sweden.’

Cleantech Kvarken’s ambition is to support businesses looking to grow their network of contacts among potential business and collaboration partners in the cleantech sector.