Brokk 120 Diesel Mark 2

Brokk, the world´s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, announces the new updated Brokk 120 Diesel Mark 2, the world´s smallest diesel-driven demolition robot. This compact machine can operate independently and un-tethered for over eight hours straight and effectively tackle jobs that no other machine can.

The Brokk 120 Diesel Mark 2 will be officially introduced at World of Concrete in the US, 17-20 Jan 2017.

The world’s smallest diesel driven demolition robot

The basic concept of this little demolition robot is its compact size (only 780mm wide) enables it to enter through any standard door opening and makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Meanwhile its low weight of only approx. 1,200 kg gives it access to work even on weak floors and makes it easy to transport to and from work sites.

Powered by a compact but powerful diesel engine it has a minimum of eight hours of operation without refueling, making it truly independent from any power source for at least a full work shift. And all this flexibility comes without sacrificing any of the power and performance of its similar-sized electrical siblings.

Brokk 120 Diesel Mark 2

The Mark 2 version of the Brokk 120 Diesel brings a number of upgrades to this successful model, including a new smarter design, upgraded headlights, added options for smarter integration of additional attachments, and even further improved serviceability. In short, it has made a smart machine even smarter.

Broad range of applications

The Brokk 120 Diesel Mark 2 is designed for use in a variety of applications. In the security and rescue area (for example, disaster response, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), firefighting) and in the nuclear area there is a need for a compact independent ROV with power enough to carry out tough jobs. In the construction industry there is a use of the flexibility of easy movement and relocation of the machine between work sites. And finally in the process and underground industries, there are areas where the use of a power cable could be an obstacle or where the needed electrical power simply isn’t available.

"The Brokk 120 Diesel Mark 2 highlights our commitment to bring upgrades and improvements in our products to our customers at an industry-leading pace. The Mark 2 version will bring even more productivity to the challenging situations where the Brokk 120 Diesel has already become such a popular machine." says Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk Group.

Key technical data

  • Dimensions (complete machine)
  • Width: 780mm
  • Length: 2,030mm
  • Height: 1,250mm
  • Weight: 1,230kg
  • Oil flow: 50l/min
  • Motor: 18.5kW diesel (EPA Tier 4, EU Stage IV)
  • Transport speed: 3.2km/h
  • Attachments: Atlas Copco SB152, Darda CC340, Brokk G50 and more