Today, Cytec Industries was awarded the top honour in green chemistry, the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. The award, created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recognizes companies that have pioneered sustainable technologies that incorporate the principles of green chemistry. Cytec’s MAX HT® scale control technology enables greener conditions within the Bayer process, a process used for converting bauxite ore to alumina, the primary raw material for aluminum. The innovation reduces pollution at the source in addition to reducing energy use and waste generation. "Cytec has been a pioneer in developing innovative solutions for the mining industry while maintaining a focus on sustainable technologies. We are honoured to receive such a prestigious award from the EPA," said Shane Fleming, Cytec’s Chairman, President and CEO.

Today’s green chemistry award recognizes one of the many technology innovations Cytec has achieved within its In Process Separation business segment. MAX HT® Bayer Sodalite Scale Inhibitor is the first scale inhibitor product in the market for this application and solves a legacy production challenge within the alumina industry. This technology provides benefits by reducing or eliminating the scale formation in heat exchangers resulting in higher heat transfer rates while reducing energy consumption and waste generation. "The realised energy saving for the combined customers currently utilizing our MAX HT technology is approximately 47 trillion Btu, which is the equivalent of up to 8 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) not released to the atmosphere," said Martin Court, Cytec’s Vice President, In Process Separation business. Martin added, "Fewer cleaning cycles also result in a realized annual hazardous waste reduction of up to 200 million pounds in total for all of the current operations using this product.

"Cytec’s sustainability strategy is focused on developing innovative and environmentally sustainable products that compete in a global economy; achieving the highest standards of safety, health and environmental stewardship and operational excellence. The company uses business-specific market drivers and best practices to drive the sustainability efforts.