CRU 12th World Copper Conference, 8-10 April 2013, Santiago, Chile

CRU is delighted to announce details of its 12th World Copper Conference on the 8 – 10 April at the Grand Hyatt Santiago, Chile. CRU’s Copper Conference, held during CESCO Week in Santiago, is the industry’s venue of choice.

The conference attracts over 600 leaders from mining companies, financial institutions, contractors and consumers offering unrivalled networking opportunities, great presentations and in-depth workshops.

The global economy has had a turbulent 12 months. But recent data suggesting China’s growth slowdown has bottomed and improvement in the rate of growth in US manufacture have done much to improve sentiment.

Mine supply in H1 2012 was much better than expected paving the way for a far more balanced 2013 but, there is significant uncertainty as the copper supply side has consistently underperformed over the years.

The latest forecasts will be discussed at the World Copper Conference

Topics and questions to be covered during the conference include:

  • Macro economic outlook and implications for copper demand
  • Exploring the status of new copper projects -what are the implications for the supply and demand balance in 2013/14
  • What will the impact of the change of ownership of the LME be?
  • What impact will financial investors have on the copper market in 2013/14?
  • What is the outlook for automated mining techniques?
  • What are the implications of supply risks and cyclical factors on productivity?
  • What are the implications of energy and water shortages on future mining operations in Chile?
  • What will happen to copper when the current wave of Chinese construction comes to an end in 2014?
  • Capital scarcity and its impact on new supply
  • What impact will social resistance and mine strikes have on the copper market – where are the red flags?

Speakers include:

  • Hernán de Solminihac Tampier, Minister of Mining, Government of Chile
  • Thomas Keller, CEO, Codelco
  • Diego Hernandez C., CEO, Antofagasta Minerals
  • Martin Abbott, CEO, London Metal Exchange
  • Andrew Harding, CEO, Copper Division, Rio Tinto
  • Robert M. Friedland, Executive Chairman and Founder, Ivanplats Limited
  • Vanessa Davidson, Group Manager, Copper, CRU

This year’s conference includes a CRU Strategies workshop, focusing on costs:

Using the CRU Base Metals Cost Model to De-risk your Business.

With prices stabilising or even weakening, understanding how the cost position of your clients is an important part of risk management for the those companies serving the mining industry. As commodity prices fall, costs will likely fall but understanding how different mines are influenced by changing macro-economic circumstances is vital if you are to fully understand the implications for your business. An overview of base metal costs will be presented, together with a discussion of price trends going forward. Case studies of applications of the CRU Base Metals cost model will demonstrate the flexibility inherent in the model and deliver insight on the most important cost drivers facing copper (and other commodity markets) going forward.