Cytec Industries will participate in the Copper Cobalt Africa Eighth Southern African Base Metals Conference in Zambia from July 6 – 8. Cytec will present on three topics:

  • Copper solvent extraction: Status, operating practices and challenges in the African Copper Belt – K C Sole, Hydrometallurgy Consultant and O Tinkler
  • Understanding aqueous-in-organic entrainment in copper solvent extraction – P Cole, T Bednarski, L Thomas, D Muteba, GBanza, and M Soderstrom
  • Clay treatment improvements using ACORGA® CB1000 clay binder – B Hutzler, T Bednarski, R Zambra, P Cole, and L Thomas

Jean Yves Dumousseau, regional sales director for metal extraction products, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific said: "Our participation in this conference is particularly important to Cytec.

"We are extremely vested in continuing to grow the African Copper Belt area and supporting the complex and unique mining chemical needs of the region with our technology expertise and innovative products customized to support the growth. We are thrilled to sponsor the conference and looking forward to a great event."

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