Poland is a market that has been rapidly advancing in the construction sector, with increasingly important prospects for growth. The K80H carbotech pump is a symbol of just how large the dynamic markets in Europe are. CIFA recently the K80H carbotech pump to Pompbet in Warsaw; a company that has been active in the field of large infrastructural works since 1996.

Area manager for the European market Renato Biavati said: "The Pompbet company has never been a CIFA customer, and thus we’re particularly proud to have concluded such a prestigious sale outside the sphere of our traditional customers. This is a sign that product innovation and development are allowing us to increase our market share and our customer base. Strębski is a high-tech customer who understood the innovative significance of the new 1808 pumping unit and the new carbon boom."

The pump, mounted on a seven axle Mercedes chassis, was delivered in December 2013. Negotiations were handled by the area manager for Poland, Daniela Corbella, who said: "Negotiations began in early August and were concluded in late October. The customer prefers pumps with tall booms, but now it can also enjoy being the construction company with the longest pump in Europe."

Pompbet manager Dariusz Strębski said: "Our target is aimed to the customer satisfaction and to the increasingly service quality."

"Our fleet consists of devices and applications for pumping concrete to remarkable heights. But the company is not only made by machines, but also by people. We have a dynamic team of professionals. Punctuality, reliability in performing our tasks, highly skilled operators and availability are the quality of our staff. The high professionalism of the staff and the extensive technical resources allow us to meet companies such as Cemex Poland, Gorazdze Concrete, Strabag , Dyckerhoff, JD Concrete, Budimex Dromex, Cembet, Hydrobudowa, MD Concrete, Energobet, Beth – Mark, Soletanche, Budokrusz and many small local customers. Among the works that we made recently we recall the construction of the first metro line in Warsaw, the modernisation of the Warsaw railway tunnel with a length (2,300m), and the construction of football stadiums for Euro 2012 in Poznan and Wroclaw."

CIFA director of sales and service Daniel Metivier said: "The sale of the pump K80H is considered to be a great selling direct to a Key Customer as Pompbet. However, remember that for Poland, CIFA has been working for years with a distributor very professional in the sales and in the after-sales services as Tarbi".