The Spritz CSS-3 is the best-seller in Cifa’s shotcrete product range. At the Bauma 2013 fair, the Spritz CSS-3 becomes the EVO, a more advanced version of the mobile model, with four-wheel drive, a hydrostatic drive system with three steering modes, and a maximum speed of 27km/h.

As well as a pumping unit with a flow rate ranging from 5 to 30cu.m/h, the machine has a three-section boom (with a 1.8m telescopic section) mounted on a double-axis turret installed on a skid that traverses longitudinally by 3.7m.

Compared with the preceding model, the Spritz CSS-3 features a new diesel engine, again supplied by Deutz, which complies with STEP3-B standards, with a liquid cooling system and power increased to 82kW, and CAN management (a protocol allowing electronic dialogue between different control units).

The driver’s cab has been improved, and has obtained ROPS-FOPS certification.

The UNIFLUX admixture batching system has been enhanced, with a series of sensors that monitor in real time all the parameters needed to make top-quality shotcrete.

The CSS-3 can spray admixtured concrete into tunnels with a radius of up to 16m, and boom opening only requires a height of 3.1m (the same as the contour of the machine).

To guarantee efficient stabilisation under all working conditions, the CSS-3 is fitted with four self-levelling outriggers. The standard features of the Spritz also include six powerful xenon headlamps that perfectly illuminate the working area in tunnels.

The main optional extra offered with the CSS-3 is an air compressor (supplied by Mattei) built into the control panel of the machine, which provides an independent air supply (11,500l/min at 7 bar) for the CIFA Spritz.

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