CIFA is celebrating its 85 years of company history. This marks a significant achievement for CIFA and the company has decided to celebrate by remembering all its events and personalities in a book. This isn’t to be a hagiography, but an accurate reconstruction of the events that have marked the company’s history, without hiding its difficult times.

The book is called ‘CIFA. The winning anomaly’ and through its words and photographs it describes the many stages and events CIFA has moved through over the years. From the American seed, germinated by the company’s founder Carlo Ausenda in 1928, to its acquisition by Zoomlion, which dawned its "Chinese century".

The history of CIFA presents a number of anomalies, which may have been factors in its success. Here, as readers will find out, the term anomaly loses its negative connotations to describe these original and unique features. It is a company in which the suppliers become owners, engineers get their hands dirty in the workshop and workers compel the management to create new products; a truly unconventional company.

The book is divided into two parts. The first being A Story of Many Stories, written by Daniela Grancini (editorial director of the magazine Macchine Edili) and Vito Minunni (CIFA Communications Manager). The second part is CIFA in Zoomlion’s Orbit, written by Attilio Mucelli and Francesca Spigarelli, two university professors of economics who carried out an analysis of the pre and post-acquisition processes. Crowning it all is a preface written by Federico Rampini, correspondent of the Italian daily newspaper Repubblica from New York.

‘CIFA. The Winning Anomaly’ will be published by Tecniche Nuove in both Italian and English. The book can be ordered from bookshops and online.