An international company specialising in hand protection Cestusline (Cestus) has received outstanding feedback on its newest mining glove, DM Hybrid®. Originally created specifically for the underground mining industry, DM Hybrid is changing the way miners are dealing with hand protection.

For years, the mining industry has compromised on hand personal protective equipment (PPE) by using gloves designed for other industries. DM Hybrid was born out of conversations with safety engineers and end users and, by assessing their feedback of what was not working, Cestus was able to create a glove to meet their actual needs in the field.

The first thing you notice about the DM Hybrid is the vivid, high-visibility colour scheme with the moulded polycarbonate knuckle. DM Hybrid also features flexible thermoplastic rubber (TPR) impact shields that bend with hand movement, offering continuous protection from fingertip to the hard-shell knuckle. Additional impact shields extend to the metacarpals and carpal regions of the hand and wrist for maximum impact protection.

A recent mining expo attendee said: "It’s unusual to see a glove that is so obviously armoured have such flexibility.

"It’s what we have been needing at work."

The DM Hybrid palm features Cestus exclusive Ripple Grip® technology that is cut level two-resistant and houses strategically spaced anti-vibration pods filled with another Cestus exclusive technology, Hexagonal Memory Gel®.

The hexagonal shape of the Hexagonal Memory Gel expands and contracts when it comes into contact with vibrations, to absorb the vibration and prevent it reaching the hand. The vibration absorbing features of Hexagonal Memory Gel aid in the prevention of carpal tunnel and hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) for those that use power tools, heavy macinery, or come into contact with vibrations on a regular basis.

The best way to understand the DM Hybrid is to try them yourself. They are available for distribution or end-user purchase. Contact the company website for more information.