Hormigones Transex has awarded the contract for a LM26 2+2C / S cement mill in Puente Alto, Chile to Loesche.

Loesche Automation was charged with providing the electronic and automation engineering for this mill. The contract covers the delivery of the mid-voltage switching system and main drives, the low-voltage main distribution with MCCs and the supply of automation components with software engineering and visualisation.
The software engineering is specially tailored to the requirements of the plant using Loesche solutions.

The project also included the basic and detailed engineering, the necessary I / O cabinets and the instrumentation of the process control circuits.

In order to ensure that all of the processes run smoothly, Loesche Automation was also responsible for project management, commissioning and monitoring. At the same time, Loesche Automation also carried out training services.

The components are due to be delivered in May 2012 and commissioning is scheduled for March 2013.