Brokk, a leading supplier of demolition robots, is launching a completely new product range, the Brokk Ex machines. These explosion protected machines are designed for use in hazardous environments, such as oil and gas industries, underground industries and other environments where there is risk of explosive gas being present.

The Brokk Ex machines

Brokk introduces an entirely new range of explosion protected demolition robots, called ‘Brokk Ex’.

The Brokk Ex range is available for all sizes of Brokk machines, from the extremely compact Brokk 60 to the big and very powerful Brokk 800. These machines are all designed to be safely operated in environments where explosive gas might become present. The machines have the same industry‐leading performance and can use the same broad range of powerful attachments as the standard Brokk machines.

The Brokk Ex machines are classified up to Equipment class 3G IIA T3, according to the ATEX 1994/9/EC directive. This means that they can be used in what the ATEX directive calls ‘Zone 2’, where explosive gas, vapour or mist is not likely to occur in normal operation, but could occur for short periods of time.

"This is an exciting new step for Brokk. We have received an increasing number of requests for explosion proof machines, where customers want to take the unique compact and flexible performance of Brokk machines to these kinds of hazardous area," says Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk.

For hazardous environments

The Brokk Ex machines are especially interesting for applications within oil & gas, mining and tunnelling industries, as well as applications in other hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

All the benefits of Brokk machines that we take for granted, such as the compact size, powerful attachments, flexibility of the three boom system, precise remote operation, and more are now available also in these hazardous environments. Designed to tackle a wide range of different demolition task, the Brokk Ex machine brings safety, efficiency and versatility to almost any job.

"Yet again, this shows Brokk’s dedication to continue push the boundaries of what is possible to do with demolition robots," says Krupicka. "Over the last few years, we have added to the versatility of Brokk machines by introducing new attachments. Now we add a whole new area of operation."