During 2016 Brokk celebrates 40 years of innovation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of remote-controlled demolition machines. The first Brokk machine that was introduced in Sweden 1976 meant a revolution in the demolition industry. And with the development since, Brokk has played the leading role in making demolition robots a vital tool to many projects and industries across the world.

The jubilee will be celebrated all year with a lot of different activities. And the company has created a special golden logo to commemorate the milestone event.

A distinguished history of ground-breaking innovation

The history of remote-controlled demolition and the history of Brokk is one and the same. It all started in 1976 when two entrepreneurs in Skellefteå faced a confined space demolition challenge that led them to develop the world’s first demolition robot. This machine led to the establishment of the company, and Brokk has continued to innovate and solve increasingly complex demolition problems ever since.

During these years Brokk has delivered well above 6,000 demolition robots to more than 100 countries across the world. What started as a niche machine for very special needs is now a mainstream vital part of most demolition, process, cement, nuclear decommissioning, and underground project across the world. And with the experience and expertise developed during these 40 years, Brokk continues to push the boundaries and lead the development in the demolition robot industry.

"It’s with pride and excitement we are celebrating 40 years of innovation in the remote controlled demolition industry. Our products have not only changed the nature of the demolition business, but they have also improved the environment and safety for contractors and operators worldwide. That is definitely worth celebrating!" says Martin Krupicka, CEO Brokk Group.

Celebration starts with a new product announcement

The celebration will start with a pre-product launch on 19 January: The new Brokk 120 Diesel, the world’s smallest diesel-powered model.

The basic design elements remain the same, a compact, flexible, productive and stable machine with an innovative three-arm system for maximum reach and precision. With Brokk machines, work can be done in a safe and efficient way, allowing the operator to stay clear of risky situations.

Celebration at exhibitions

Brokk will participate in a lot of exhibitions during the year, starting with World of Concrete World, 2-5 February, Las Vegas in the US where the new Brokk 120 Diesel will be pre-launched. It will be a special 40-years ceremony at the booth.

Brokk will also join the world´s biggest construction exhibition, Bauma, in Munich, Germany 11-17 April. To celebrate the 40 years the company will have a customer event on 20 April at the booth. Brokk will also attend a number of other major exhibitions during 2016.

Celebration with a special gold logotype

To commemorate the occasion Brokk has developed a special logo with the slogan ‘Original Demolition Power since 1976.’ The logo will appear in marketing materials from Brokk during the course of the year, and every machine that leaves the factory will have a golden stamp.

Celebration on social media

The jubilee will furthermore be celebrated on social media, on the Brokk Facebook page. Customers will have a chance to share their best photo or video of their Brokk machine by publishing it on Brokk’s Facebook page. Every month Brokk will choose one winner to be a part of a virtual book, created especially for the celebration and the person submitting the best photo selected every month will receive a unique Brokk jacket.

This is an exciting year for the company with the result of 40 years of innovation. Imagine what Brokk can accomplish over the coming 40 years.