The Gator range of machines have been designed and developed to be used on gas and water pressure polyethylene pipes for distribution networks. The best possible control of the joining process is achieved through an integral computer which will control and monitor all the jointing parameters: time, temperature, pressure, movement and sequence.

The welding process will not continue if any of these parameters are not within the specified limits contained in the selected welding standard.


• Compact and sturdy construction to resist bending under heavy loads
• Displacement transducer produces optimum bead up conditions at any ambient temperature
• New Fast clamp system to improve productivity and reliability
• Z link system to provide symmetrical heater pulI-off and reduces dwell time
• Removal of fourth clamp to facilitate welding of long spigot fittings
• Lightweight, tough composite plastic liners for 180mm diameter and below


• Hard-anodised low-friction discs
• Auto chain tension and low-maintenance
• Curved blades for optimum cut
• Electronic and mechanical trim stops for added protection against over trimming
• Quarter turn quick release fasteners
• Tough and reliable trimmer motor
• Auto trim cycle software developed to provide maximum material removal while protecting motor
• Auto feather-off feature, leaves pipe ends perfectly smooth and square


• Company logo on screen
• Intuitive menu selection options
• Selected weld parameters can be ‘locked off’ by supervisors
• Service and calibration notifications
• Remote software upgrades
• Large bright display with tough polycarbonate protective screen
• Can be connected to printer / scanner
• ISO 12176 part 3 and part 4 compliant
• Energy management system to automatically ‘switch off’ elements of the machine when not required
• Tough military waterproof cable connectors


• Large thermal capacity reduces temperature drop on pipe contact
• Super-fast auto retraction for minimising dwell time typically under two seconds
• Tough ABS ‘zero contact’ reflective heater guards for optimum energy efficiency and safety
• Replaceable and easily removed surface heater plates
• Dual thermocouple temperature sensors
• Machine will not operate unless both sensors are reading desired temperature
• Quarter-turn quick release fasteners


• Powerful pump motor helps to keep power pack cool under heavy loads
• High-quality hydraulic pump and solenoid valves
• Auto oil level check
• Anti-drip hydraulic hose connectors
• Tough stainless-steel and ABS protective enclosure with ergonomically designed carry handles
• Protective computer lid
• Cable tidy


• Modular components gives smallest / narrowest footprint, ideal for in-trench welding