Augmented reality tool

ARANZ Geo Limited, developer of 3D geological modelling software Leapfrog®, has released a beta version of the Leapfrog AR augmented reality tool.

Leapfrog AR allows users to visualise geological data and models in the real world, to deliver improved physical validation, collaboration and communication.

Real world visual checks

This augmented reality tool allows geological models to be superimposed over a pit or an underground operation to give a big picture view of the geology that can be readily understood by multiple audiences.

Leapfrog product manager Patrick Hollenbeck says: "Imagine standing on the edge of a mine pit and seeing the geological model superimposed over it.

"The geologist viewing the model can use their knowledge of the deposit and the terrain to give a contextual visual check and collaborate in the development of the very best model solution. This also gives field geologists the opportunity to see what the resource geologist deems important, and provides a basis for further discussion."

Enhanced communication

This augmented reality technology was designed to encourage better collaboration, enhance communication and ultimately increase model reliability.

Hollenbeck says: "Field geos, resource geos, and consultants can take the model into the real world of the mine and see it in context. It’s delivering a reliable field check in a way that’s accessible and easy to use. It’s also advancing the speed with which these essential checks are undertaken.

"We’re currently undertaking field tests with select clients and we’ll be incorporating their feedback into the next release."