ARANZ Geo Limited, developer of Leapfrog® 3D geological modelling software, today announced the release of Leapfrog Geo 3.0.

The major release allows users to get more from their valuable data, and allows more control of the modelling process. Major advances include a powerful drillhole correlation tool that gives a ‘Leapfrog take’ on rapidly visualising and comprehending drillhole data and improved stratigraphic modelling.

Leapfrog continues to set the standard

Shaun Maloney, CEO of ARANZ Geo says, "Leapfrog Geo 3.0 gives an even better modelling experience by enabling more to be completed within Leapfrog’s 3D environment. This saves time, reduces error and also saves our customers investing in often expensive third-party software."

Maloney says all ARANZ Geo solutions are designed to harness information to extract value, bring meaning and reduce risk.

"We make it our business to listen to our customers and solve their problems. Leapfrog continues to set the standard in geological modelling as we take an innovative market led approach to development," he says. "We’ve already delivered market leading grade shells, vein systems, and now we’ve improved stratigraphic modelling."

Drillhole correlation tool – a Leapfrog take on drillhole data

Leapfrog Geo 3.0 includes a powerful drillhole correlation tool that allows users to quickly visualise and compare lithology, assay and geophysical intervals and identify correlations.

An easy-to-use workflow introduces an interpretation table that allows users to adjust interval boundaries and re-assign intervals. The new tool is fully dynamic and any changes made to interpretations flow through to dependent models. The workflow also allows users to stay in Leapfrog rather than breaking away to other third-party software, which decreases complexity and cost.

Improved stratigraphic modelling

ARANZ Geo worked closely with the Australian Iron Ore market to understand the challenges associated with modelling layered deposits that incorporate shared structure, lateral continuity and folding. As a result Leapfrog Geo 3.0 includes features that deliver significantly more structural control, such as the offset meshes tool.