Affinity 2100 range of face masks, from MSA.

Affinity 1100 and 2100 are the new generation of cup-shaped and folded, disposable half masks from MSA. Their high-performance, thin and light-filtering media provide a comfortable fit and reliable protection.

The product lines (1100 is cup-shaped and 2100 is folded) have colour-coded plastic attachments and nose clips to ensure easy identification of the protection levels (green for FFP1, yellow for FFP2, blue for FFP2 OR, red for FFP3) and help the user to choose the correct type.

The ergonomic design, soft material and optional exhalation valve provide comfortable and economical products that can be used in harsh mining applications. The Affinity range is true to its name, conforming perfectly to the contours of the face.

Affinity 1100 respirators feature an AnthroCurve® sealing flange. Together with the pre-shaped nose cup and external elastic band, a snug and safe fit is assured. The elastic band allows for quick and easy donning.

An optional exhalation valve offers low breathing resistance as it removes hot, exhaled breath, making the respirator cooler and easier to wear over extended periods.

The specially-selected materials and components, optimal filter performance, dimensionally stable construction and universal size are setting new standards of excellence. Whether hot, cold, dry or humid, the Affinity 1100 offers more than just protection.

Affinity 2100 features extremely light and thin filtering media to provide a comfortable fit, even when used for longer periods. The vertical fold ensures an ergonomic face seal.

The optional exhalation valve of Affinity 2100 optimises the airflow by removing warm, exhaled breath. The reduction in temperature and moisture vapour makes breathing easier. The elastic band ensures easy donning, doffing and a good, tight fit for all face and head sizes.

Affinity is dolomite tested to guarantee better breathing comfort and longer service life, particularly in high-dust environments. Due to the exceptional quality of the filtering media, Affinity 1100 and 2100 masks have a storage life of five years from the date of manufacture.

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