Pana-Pacific Corporation is an established preferred supplier and engineering partner to the commercial vehicle (CV) market. Advantage PressurePro is a worldwide leader in tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and TPMS technologies. Today, both companies are proud to announce the implementation of their distribution agreement which grants Pana-Pacific the right to distribute PressurePro’s line of products to the CV market.

Both parties, noted as leaders in their fields, are excited to have their partnership up and running. With the current economy, fleets of all types are looking to add instant savings and efficiencies to their vehicles and operations.

“Our partnership couldn’t have come at a better time because now more than ever, customers are looking for ways to save money and that’s exactly what tire pressure monitoring can provide,” stated Brad Sticka, Pana-Pacific’s national vice-president of sales. “They say you can be judged by the company you keep. As such, we are very careful to choose supplier partners that represent our corporate goals. For more than 35 years, our commercial customers have come to rely on us to provide quality components that are the best-of-breed while still being affordable. PressurePro shares this same philosophy and we’re very excited to lock arms and hit the ground running.”

“We couldn’t agree more,” stated Vanessa Zaroor, PressurePro’s director of marketing. “Pana-Pacific has proven itself time and time again as an authority in the distribution of high-quality products while maintaining a market reach that is unsurpassed.

With knowledge of the significant benefits TPMS can provide at an all time high, mixed with the market’s need to increase efficiencies in order to stay competitive, this partnership is a natural development for both us and Pana-Pacific. It allows Pana-Pacific to market the PressurePro product line and grow the presence of PressurePro with their OEM customers, while permitting us the opportunity to focus on our strong product development and integration with market-leading telematics providers.”