EUROGOMMA is proud to announce that a new EUROGOMMA has been established in Accra, Ghana. The Ghana office will provide support to our clients in West Africa where EUROGOMMA has close connections with several mining houses and constructors.

West Africa is one of the most important export markets of EUROGOMMA. In this territory we have close connections with some of the world’s biggest gold mining houses, together with other mining and construction companies. The quality of collaboration with our clients in this area and the high development of the local economies have convinced us to increase our presence here. This has led to the establishment of EUROGOMMA West Africa in Accra, Ghana.

EUROGOMMA West Africa is a commercial company, distributing the products made by the EUROGOMMA factories in Italy and Russia, together with the products of other highly qualified European manufacturers. We give daily commercial and technical support to our local clients.