Advantage PressurePro today announced Aust-Africa as their newest dealer. Aust-Africa, who will now offer the full PressurePro™ tire pressure monitoring line, is a leader in OTR tires and OTR tire technologies. With locations in Africa, Australia and Germany, Aust-Africa provides full tire supply and support service to the international mining industry.

Aust-Africa’s team of tire specialists have many years of OTR experience and an extensive understanding of the mining and construction industries. Furthermore, they have formed relationships with partners and suppliers worldwide, allowing them a global network that enables them to source the best possible solutions worldwide and ensure those solutions are suitable for local conditions. This wealth of knowledge allows them to find the best OTR tire solution for each individual client.

“We are happy to add Aust-Africa to our list of certified dealers,” said Joseph Zaroor, PressurePro’s director of sales. “On top of their wealth of knowledge on OTR tires and tire solutions, Aust-Africa has a strong history of dedication to representing only first-class products and then supporting those products with superior customer service. We are pleased to work with a company with goals and priorities so similar to ours.”

“Aust-Africa is proud to add PressurePro to our range of tire protection products,” said Ron Cowan, director of Aust-Africa International. “We are extremely happy to be able to work with such a long standing industry leader in TPMS technology. With the high cost of tires to end-users, PressurePro’s TPMS technology helps us achieve the best possible tire life, while at the same time greatly improving the safety of mine workers and machine operators alike.”

To find out more about Aust-Africa’s offering of PressurePro Products or how PressurePro can start adding safety and savings to your heavy duty applications, visit Aust-Africa’s website or contact PressurePro today.