Rema Tip Top South Africa has announced its acquisition of shares in Dunlop Industrial Products, the holding company of Dunlop Belting Products, thereby placing South Africa on the map as a leading supplier of conveyor belting around the globe.

Following the increase of combined efforts between the two companies over the last 18 months Rema Tip Top decided to produce a complete solution from a single source. From importing 80% of its products from within the Rema Tip Top Group worldwide as well as other global suppliers in the past, the South Africa division’s position has changed in a way that, with the addition of Dunlop products, it will now be exporting world class conveyor belting products.

Joining forces with the trusted Dunlop brand

The priority will be on servicing the local market as well as honouring existing contracts that remain in place, but Rema Tip Top’s shares in Dunlop allows it to have Dunlop’s well-known and trusted brand name on the product. The acquisition also enables Rema Tip Top’s global service organisation to source from South Africa. The group will be working with international specialists to ensure that international standards as well as Rema Tip Top’s specifications are met.

By taking this initiative Rema Tip Top South Africa has achieved remarkable market growth despite the economic climate of the past year. Within the Rema Tip Top Group, the South Africa division is now in a position to supply conveyor belting to different markets. This new position will create more opportunities, allowing the division to tap into the Rema Tip Top Group’s expertise and experience to bring an even better product range to the world markets.

Focus on the African market

Rema Tip Top South Africa has received help from partners within the Rema Tip Top Group in terms of resources to extend technology in South Africa. The division has started to focus more strongly on the African continent, following decisions by other African countries to Africanise their sourcing channels.

By adding a complete range of belting products along with associated technologies and training in various fields in the industry, Rema Tip Top South Africa will be a cut above the rest when it comes to local suppliers. The partnership with Dunlop also beefs up the division’s total cost of ownership drive currently running in South Africa which has been received favourably within the local industry. Rema Tip Top South Africa’s extensive service capabilities will now extend even further through a focus on belting as well as maintenance and repairs.