Thor Global Enterprises announces their patent-pending Fully Braced Undercarriage technology. The Fully Braced Undercarriage technology provides a lifting system that is not only stronger by design, but also has a structural integrity beyond any other undercarriage on the market today. The company has proven that the technology will “once again revolutionize the way telescopic stackers are made.”

The patent-pending Fully Braced Undercarriage allows the upper and lower portion of the undercarriage to be fully braced at all levels, even when completely raised. The hydraulic lifting cylinders have a wider stance and are in-line with the HSS tubing to provide greater stability. Restriction stoppers have been applied to the Fully Braced Undercarriage to maximize the efficiency of the hydraulic cylinders and to protect the hydraulic system from overloading.

Additional cross bracing on the upper head undercarriage, as well as added protection around the hydraulic lifting cylinders, both contribute to a machine that is superior in strength and longevity. Fully Braced Undercarriage technology enables Thor Global to develop a new generation of highway portable telescopic stackers, such as the new T150-20.

The Fully Braced Undercarriage is protected by patent-pending laws and is currently being applied to all new T150-20, T150-12/15, T135-12/15 and T170-5/8/10 ThorStack2 series telescopic stackers, as well as other lifting devices.

Thor Global Enterprises was the first to develop and release telescopic technology to the global market and has since added countless improvements, including the patented LES, single pivot undercarriage, and the most cost effective “radial-to-transport” in-line swing axel design in the industry. The company remains a leader in telescopic technology and innovation for bulk material handling solutions.