During its 80 years-success story, REMA TIP TOP acquired an international reputation for high quality products and qualified service. Today, the name of the company
stands for reliability, competence, service and innovation worldwide.

Since 1976 Peter Mahnke has represented all REMA TIP TOP products in the north of Germany. The company also specializes in corrosion protection and hatch cover seals for the shipping industry world wide.

At the SMM 2008 trade show in Hamburg REMA TIP TOP will present itself together with Peter Mahnke in Hall A1, Stand 332. The focus of the show will be on hatch cover service as well as corrosion protection.

Peter Mahnke repairs hatch covers of ships on behalf of shipping companies. Furthermore, services like steel construction repairs and ultrasound perforation detection
tests are offered by Peter Mahnke. Since 2003, hatch cover seals were delivered or repaired on about 250 ships for more than 75 shipping companies, ship’s manufacturers
and dockyards. Installations took place worldwide, in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, Peter Mahnke is OEM of rubber-lined
seawater pipes for all major German dockyards. In addition, in the field of rubber lining of tanks for corrosion protection are offered and processed. All corrosion protection materials used for processing are developed and produced at REMA TIP TOP.

Project and technology related consulting is done by the engineering division of REMA TIP TOP. Any type of rubber is available. Even a conversion of sealing profiles exposed to air can be initiated. The company has a global service network and, therefore, a service team that is available for installation and repair. A supervisor to consult and support customers during projects is also available.

For further information, please ask the service team at the SMM 2008 trade fair. Interested visitors can also find current information on our website.