In June 2011 Loesche has contracted a repeat order of two LM 28.2D PCI mills and 2 LOMA LF 20 hot gas generators for the 4.28 million tons per year expansion project BF3 of the integrated iron and steel works at Hyundai Steels Dangjin plant site, South Korea.

Hyundai Steel belongs to Hyundai Corporation, one of the largest enterprises in South Korea and is also active in automobile business, cement business, shipyard business etc.

In 2007 Hyundai Steel invested into their first integrated iron and steel works with two blast furnaces and is on the way to become one of the largest iron and steel producers in the world.

The first order of four Loesche LM 28.2D mills and four LOMA LF 20 hot gas generators was received in 2007. That time Loesche GmbH won a closed bid against international competition from Germany, United States and China with their excellent reputation, superior technology and reasonable cost.

During the four years between both orders we confirmed all before mentioned advantages and added high quality, also from our Chinese subsidiary, excellent performance, high reliability and low maintenance cost to convince our client again.

The mill capacity will be 2x61t/h finish product with 70% passing 200 mesh sieve.

In relation with the before described order intake Loesche benefited also from a synergy effect of the slag waste material from Hyundai steels integrated iron and steel works.

In the past few years Loesche GmbH sold two LM 46.2+2S and two LM 53.3+3S slag mills to process the slag waste into valuable cement.

On the occasion of the Metec exhibition in Duesseldorf, Dr Y C Woo, Mr T H Min and Mr Y J Seok from Hyundai Steel Company were welcomed by a delegation of Loesche. After interesting discussions about future projects at Loesche’s exhibition booth, the contract was signed by Dr Yoo Cheol Woo and Dr Thomas Loesche, accompanied with a decent celebration.

We wish Hyundai Steel success in their business and do hope for a good cooperation in future.