Having designed, built and installed the two highest track-mounted capacity fully mobile units in the world today, MS1 8000-10,000 tph of overburden commissioned in 2001 and OS1 6000 -8000 tph of oil sand commissioned in 2006, MMD has brought all the innovation for which they are renowned and their proven experience in IPCC to the design of this their third generation unit. At a time when there is a sudden revival of interest in IPCC and a number other manufacturers, hoping to cash in on the potential for IPCC developed by MMD’s success are either testing or still designing their prototypes.

Innovation through experience is the cornerstone of MMD’s philosophy and together with their proven track record in IPCC they have an equally unique track record in hard material; again with verifiable references, in materials as diverse as iron ore, gold, diamonds bauxite and even granite.

With the loading capacity being the limitation on any fully mobile system MMD has announced that its now working closely with Bucyrus on matching the new MMD Mobile Sizer with the Bucyrus 795 shovel, which designed to feed 454t class trucks can be fitted with a 122.5t bucket.

Bucyrus has had the model design completed and ready to build for a number of years, but as 363t capacity trucks are currently the largest available the new MMD Mobile Sizer represents a new opportunity for them to press on with the 795.

The companies state that they could deliver a mobile sizer and shovel in only 12 months, as the complete designs are already in place and ready to go. Although Bucyrus 495 models, and other shovels, can still be used effectively with the new MMD Mobile Sizer, the increased capacity of the 795 brings a whole new dimension to the potential use of IPCC.

Comment from Alan Potts, MMD chairman: “We are talking about major industry shift – bringing together the largest capacity proven mobile sizer in the world, with the Bucyrus 795, the largest shovel which will almost double the tonnage capacity of the other shovels on the market. MMD and Bucyrus joining forces on this project allows us to bring high capacity sizers to the market quickly and efficiently, making true, high tonnage mobile IPCC a reality for the first time.