Within an ordinary industrial building in central Norway, people hover over a test drillhole running many meters deep. They are Devico engineers assessing the latest enhancements to the DeviTool surveying equipment in the test facility at the company’s headquarters in Trondheim, Norway.

Devico AS is recognised throughout the world as a leader in solving the problem of directional core drilling. The directional core drilling and borehole surveying equipment they provide has literally revolutionised the precision placement of drill holes. The company’s product line includes the Non-magnetic Deviflex, Devicore orientation system, and Magnetic Pee-Wee.

Ready access to the test holes within the Norway facility makes it easy for the Devico team to test small product improvements continuously without interrupting drill sites and causing drill downtime. This access to ongoing data makes the products the best on the market.

With its central location in Norway providing easy access, Devico also draws customers from around the world for product testing and training sessions using these holes. It’s all part of Devico’s leadership in the industry.

Reinforcing their world class products, Devico also launched a 24-month warranty on all their survey instruments, including repair costs up to €3000. The Norway repair centre offers quick timeframes for calibration and repairs.

The company’s leadership has been recognised by the mining and exploration community. In fact, Devico has seen a strong increase in worldwide market share. Several new agents have joined the Devico network in the Philippines, Argentina, South Africa, Mexico and the west coast of Canada, making Devico’s products readily available near drill sites around the world.

Devico’s service division uses the DEVIDRILL core barrel to do challenging directional core drilling projects globally. In order to fulfill the demand for their services, the company has been increasing their team of highly skilled directional operators. The team is now positioned to continue their industry leadership in deeper and more precise drilling while ensuring the borehole actually hits the target.

At Toronto’s PDAC 2011 in February, Devico provided a preview of new product innovations for their customers and global network. The engineering team is constantly designing new innovations for downhole surveying and directional core drilling. Through continuous enhancements, they have been able to make Deviflex nonmagnetic instrumentation a critical, yet cost-effective option for surveying inside drill rods.

From its humble Norway facility, Devico directly impacts the global tunneling, mining exploration, and geotechnical sectors. It is simply a Scandinavian success story.