Lubrication Engineers (LE) has launched its latest ‘Enhanced Lubricant’ to the world – LE 1299 ALMAPLEX® Ultra-Syn lubricant is a heavy duty synthetic grease. It is engineered to provide optimum performance capabilities under extreme equipment operating conditions.

LE 1299 ALMAPLEX is an aluminium complex thickened grease containing an ISO 460 viscosity synthetic base fluid. This combination provides excellent performance in the presence of water, low temperature pumpability down to -1°C (-30°F) and superior high-temperature functionality. Importantly, it also contains ALMASOL®, LE’s exclusive wear reducing additive. The new grease has already proven itself in several extreme field tests run by LE customers – one has saved over $40,000 in parts and labour costs due to the performance of LE 1299 ALMAPLEX in their hammer mill.

LE 1299 ALMAPLEX has outperformed competitive greases in various ASTM tests that have been carried out:

  • ASTM D-2596 four ball EP test – 73% higher extreme pressure (EP) performance
  • ASTM D-4049 water spray off test – six times less LE 1299 was lost vs. competitor greases

This new product offers customers the potential for energy savings and reduced operating temperatures. It delivers heavy duty performance, reliability, exceptional quality and versatility – all of which will positively impact equipment uptime and the user’s bottom line profitability.

Features include: high load carrying capacity through use of proprietary extreme pressure additives, outstanding low and high temperature performance, enhanced thermal and oxidation stability for longer service life, excellent resistance to water spray off and water wash out, superior protection against wear and exceptional performance under heavy and shock loading. It also boasts a broad operating temperature range of -40°C to 232°C (-40°F to 400°F) Its aluminium complex thickener system provides grease reversibility: it reverts back to grease consistency after high temperature exposure.

LE 1299 ALMAPLEX has numerous possible applications including, steel mill hot and heavily loaded bearings, construction, agricultural and mining equipment, wheel bearings, hammer mills, extruders, ball mill and kiln pinion support bearings, paper mill wet end, press rolls, felt rolls and calendar stack bearings.

“The response from our customers to our new LE 1299 ALMAPLEX synthetic grease has been outstanding. The product’s results speak for themselves – one customer in the United States has enjoyed savings of over $40,000 in parts and labour costs alone since switching to LE 1299 ALMAPLEX. Their hammer mill is now using four amps less electricity; meaning $600 worth of electricity savings per 2,400 hours of use. This synthetic grease excels under extreme operating conditions,” commented Jeff Turner, vice president Lubrication Engineers.