New from Superior Industries, an idler that is designed to protect belts against sharp transitions, extending their wear life and preventing damaging spillage. The variable pitch idler is manufactured with adjustable outside rollers. Depending on the application and transition point, the rollers adjust from 5 to 35 degrees.

Variable pitch idlers are most effective when used at terminal belt transition points or on convex bends to help tighten the sealing system. They are available both inline and offset in CEMA C, D, and E ratings and feature Superior’s SpinGuard® seal technology, adding extra protection to the bearings. Roll diameter dimensions range from 4 inch to 7 inch with belt widths of 24 inch to 96 inch.

Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, Superior Industries designs and fabricates a full line of conveying equipment, telescoping conveyors, feed systems, conveyor idlers, as well as other conveyor components.