Mining software company QMASTOR has announced the signing of contracts with Vale Inco Nouvelle-Calédonie, a division of the Brazilian Vale group, for the provision of QMASTOR’s Pit to Plant and iFuse systems for the management of their nickel ore supply chain at their Goro mine in New Caledonia. The contracts cover software licensing and professional services, with the majority of revenue to be received in the 08/09 financial year.

QMASTOR will supply Goro with a grade control system that includes the following features:

  • Ore tracking and stockpile management at mine
  • Recording truck dispatch movements
  • Tracking of waste and rock movements
  • Management of feed preparation plant
  • Integration with Labware (LIMS)
  • French user interfaces
  • Comprehensive web-based reporting

Trent Bagnall, managing director of QMASTOR, stated, “QMASTOR is delighted to partner with Vale on this project. We expect that the successful implementation of this project will provide QMASTOR with further opportunities for our mining supply chain management systems across the Vale group.”