The newly introduced MagCruiser HT™ by SPT is a new and improved high temperature version of the MagCruiser™. Sales of the instrument have now gone global, reaching as far east as Australia and as far west as South America.

Since late 2008 the introduction of the MagCruiser HT to the world’s petroleum and mining industries has been very successful, said Henrik Johansson, a member of the SPT board of directors.

“We have a very robust and accurate design and the MagCruiser HT kit is 30% more cost-effective than its competitors. We have been delivering the MagCruiser to the mines since 2005, but this new HT tool has put SPT at a higher level. Its has opened up a whole new market.”

As time goes on, airborne surveyors and geophysicists are gaining a better understanding of earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic field variations across the earth’s surface. This information allows for greater magnetic surveying accuracy at a drill site and as oilfield and mining companies are investing more money into research of the earth’s magnetism, this is creating a higher demand for magnetic survey instruments.

The SPT MagCruiser HT is designed for hot wells or geothermal wells as it is built inside a fixed pressure barrel heat shield, taking the temperature rating up to 200°C.

The MagCruiser HT can be purchased from SPT or obtained on a rental basis.

Simultaneously, while SPT have been improving their magnetic instruments, they have also made improvements to their GyroTracer tool. Future GyroTracer tools will be of smaller and lighter design (shorter length and smaller OD) and have the option of a heat shield.