Superior Industries, a leading manufacturer of conveyor systems and components, introduces a new addition to the company’s line of RazerTail® truck unloaders. The extra-large capacity addition is available with a 72in-wide by 75ft and 6in-long belt. The unit is engineered to transfer up to 1650 STPF of 100 PCF material from a haul truck.

Engineered to handle material up to 8in-minus, the new large capacity RazerTail truck unloader features a deeper hopper and an 8ft/6in grate with a larger 9-ft x 9ft grate opening. The unit also features a hydraulically-raised conveyor and optional self-cleaning ramps.

Requiring only 44in earthen ramps, the large capacity machine reduces the labor and costs associated with conventional truck unloaders. Importantly, RazerTail truck unloaders deliver significant cost-per-ton savings by improving cycle times, minimizing loader use and eliminating any extra handling of material. Minimizing or eliminating loader use, operators realize substantial savings in labor, fuel and maintenance – while ensuring greater product quality and a safer jobsite by eliminating the traffic congestion caused by multiple trucks and loaders.

Note that when a RazerTail truck unloader is used in combination with TeleStacker® conveyors (an automated telescoping radial stacker), operators realize an even greater payback in product quality control and cost-per-ton savings. TeleStacker conveyors ensure stockpile quality by building a desegregated stockpile and preventing the compaction or contamination typically seen when using trucks or loaders to build stockpiles.

In addition to the new large-capacity RazerTail truck unloader, the series also includes a low-profile model with a 72in belt and only a 22in earth ramp requirement; and a 48in belt model with a 32in earth ramp requirement. The latter unit is also available in an adjustable height discharge model.