BlueCielo, a leading global provider of software solutions to monitor and control asset information throughout the asset lifecycle, today published its 2016 Annual Report.

During 2016 BlueCielo successfully expanded its installed customer base in five key asset-intensive and highly regulated vertical markets through increasing rollouts of its software solutions, while maintaining high customer retention and satisfaction rates. At the same time, BlueCielo has accelerated product innovation, offering its customers increasingly advanced solutions to facilitate maximized control and monitoring of their technical information as they move toward full digitalization.

"Our success in our key markets springs from our commitment to helping our customers solve business problems. We transform our customers’ engineering data into actionable plant information, keeping them informed, compliant, and in control," said BlueCielo CEO Willem-Jan Scholten.

BlueCielo has expanded its reach with new cloud services as an early component of this strategy. During 2016, BlueCielo launched Meridian360 Portal, a cloud-based solution offering secure and controlled collaboration with an organization’s external network of suppliers.

BlueCielo extended its global reach in 2016 with a newly opened office in Singapore. The organization has expanded customer success with its Premium Support program and the BlueCielo Academy, which offers a wide spectrum of classroom and online training for customers and partners to help them gain the most from BlueCielo software. In addition, the BlueCielo Partner Certification program ensures that its global partner network is best equipped and up to date on all aspects of BlueCielo solutions.

The company also invested in other key areas during 2016, including talent acquisition and development.

"Based on our industry expertise and deep understanding of the customer’s landscape, we strive to optimize their return on investment and maximize their user adoption and satisfaction through template-based implementations for rapid best-practice deployments," continues Willem-Jan Scholten.

BlueCielo’s growth remains focused in five key vertical markets: oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, metals and mining, and utilities. These industries are all asset-intensive and highly regulated, and therefore they benefit from the specialized and tailored solutions BlueCielo offers.

The 2016 report details how BlueCielo’s strong industry expertise, ongoing product innovation, expansion of services, and extensive partner network position the company for further growth in 2017 and beyond.

The full 2016 Annual report is available on the company’s website here.