During his recent visit to China and Henan, Alimak’s segment manager for underground construction and mining Karl-Östen Holmberg signed a contract to supply two 400m ALIMAK Raise Climbers for the Baoquan power station project.

The 1,200MW pumped-storage power station will produce electricity which will be con-nected to the power grid and will serve the function of peak load, valley filling frequency and phrase regulations as well as standby power for emergency.


The two ALIMAK STH-5DD diesel-hydraulic driven Raise Climbers will be used to drive two parallel pressure shafts of 400 metres height in inclinations of 50 degrees. The contract also includes two ALIMAK service and safety climbers of model Alicab-5D as well as installation and training on site. Delivery of the Raise Climbers is scheduled for January 2005.

These two Raise Climbers are the latest in a row delivered to hydropower projects in China. Recent earlier deliveries are for Shanxi Xilongchi, Tongbai, Tian Huang Ping, Ming Tombs and Guangzhou I project. In all, more than 2300 ALIMAK Raise Climbers have been delivered to mines and hydro power projects the world over.

The power station is composed of an upper and a lower reservoirs, water delivery and power generation facilities. The lower reservoir is to be reconstructed from the existing Baoquan reservoir, which is a stone masonry gravity dam. Its crest height will be 107m after reconstruction and the total storage capacity will be 67.5 million m3. The highest water head for power generation is 562 meters.

The power station is located on the Yuhe River, in Huixiang County, Xinxiang City, Henan province, having a straight distance of 80km from Zhengzhou City.

The Yuhe River is a tributary of Weihe River in Haihe river basin. The 82km long Ruhe River covers a drainage area of 672km2. Above the Baoquan dam controls a drainage area of 538.4km2, occupying 86% of the whole river basin.