Reutech Mining, a division of Reutech Radar Systems and a leading supplier of advanced geotechnical slope stability monitoring radar systems, is proud to announce the addition of an inverse-velocity indicator, which comes as part of their latest MRS software release.

The inverse-velocity method is a useful technique that can be applied to slope movement data in order to help anticipate eventual slope failure. However, the technique should not be used in isolation, and is generally considered to be more applicable to ductile failures than to brittle failures. Nevertheless, the tool can be a powerful one in the geotechnical engineer’s arsenal, and the MSR’s highly advanced hardware and software make the real-time application of this technique extremely easy. Reutech Mining has always been committed to continuously enhancing its product range in response to the requirements of our clients.

For more information on the Reutech range of products for the mining sector please refer to our profile in the survey systems and equipment section of the Mining Technology site.