Thanks to a 30-year experience in the field of wear protection and thanks to the utilisation of 1st quality raw materials EUROGOMMA is now in position to offer a complete range of highly technological products for the protection and cleaning of rubber conveyor belts to our World customer community.

This range of products includes impact cradles and impact pads for the protection of transfer points together with primary and secondary scrapers for the cleaning of the conveyor belt.

Below you can find a short description of our products.

The problem of cleaning belongs to several processing plants. That’s why it is extremely important to offer efficient cleaning systems.

Our hard urethane scrapers are really good to clean the belt. In fact they are hard enough to clean but not so hard to spoil it (as it happens with metals and ceramics).

Besides our construction of automatic tensioning systems – thanks to spring tension – avoids any maintenance until the urethane scraper is totally worn.

All our cleaning systems are made of non-corrosive material: stainless steel and polyurethane.

This is a sure guarantee of the long life of our products.