Holdrege, Nebraska, US — Allmand Bros has now added the increasingly popular V series vertical light tower configuration as an option for its ML 7.5, ML 8, ML 15 and ML 20 Maxi-Lite series light towers.

With standard light towers, when the light mast is retracted, it must be folded down across the light tower for storage, transport and light fixture adjustment. But with the innovative V series design, the mast retracts and telescopes straight up and down of its own vertical housing, which results in much easier set-up, simplified shipping, towing and storage, and reduced potential for damaging the lamps.

Straight up

The V series configuration features a hydraulic lift system, which allows the mast to be completely raised and lowered in less than 30s. Additionally, the vertical design allows for more intuitive light fixture positioning (angle and direction). With standard light towers, the mast is horizontal when lowered, meaning a bit of trial and error is required to accurately position each fixture.

But with the V series, the tower is still vertical when retracted, making accurate fixture adjustment fast and simple. Furthermore, the fixtures firmly hold their adjusted position as the tower is raised. The lights can be operated at any height. “It can’t get much simpler,” comments Mat Griner, CCE / Allied Equipment Rental Specialist from Gregory Poole Equipment in Raleigh, NC. To date, Gregory Poole has purchased almost 20 Allmand vertical light towers. Mr Griner believes the vertical design results in it being “much easier than the old [laydown tower] style.”

Built to be much more compact than standard light towers, the V series mast and light fixture assembly stay within the footprint of the trailer when lowered. Since it takes up less space, the result is a light tower that’s easier and less expensive to ship, tow and store. “We save on shipping and storage,” remarks Mat Griner, and “have a significant competitive advantage with them.” Gregory Poole points out the fact that “no one else has these [vertical towers].”

Additionally, because the V series tower doesn’t protrude from the back of the cabinet, there is less chance for accidental damage and injury when towing on tight jobsites.

More and better light

By utilizing Allmand’s proprietary engineered SHO-HD 1,250W lighting system, the Maxi-Lite series provide 150,000lm per lamp, a 36% increase over some competitive light towers. An optional Saf-T-Visor™ attachment directs previously wasted light onto the worksite.

Long run-time

A 50gal polyethylene fuel tank allows up to 100hr of continuous operation, while a 4in oversized filler neck provides for easy fueling. An optional 70gal fuel tank offers up to 140hr of continuous operation.

The towers’ electrical systems feature a ‘componentized’ ballast assembly that is easily accessible for service. Each unit also includes a grounding rod and convenience outlets.

A four-point outrigger system with center-mounted tower assembly delivers stable operation in wind gusts up to 65mph. Durable 10-gauge side panels and a 12-gauge hood enhance the models’ strength. Furthermore, outriggers feature a captive latch, eliminating the potential for lost pins.

All Maxi-Lite towers come with 15in tires, forklift pockets, a lifting eye, tie-down rings and a 2in ball/3in pintle adjustable-height hitch for easy moving. Additionally, each Allmand lamp features a “flex” mount designed to allow the fixtures to be transported while installed, and to reduce damage that could occur during travel.

Other options include a sound attenuation package and Allmand’s exclusive LSC100™ automatic light sequence commander.