Superior Industries has developed an idler roll that promises durability and will cut operating costs significantly. Designed with a specially formulated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material, Moxie™ rolls have been developed to solve expensive problems caused by abrasive material and buildup.

Moxie rolls are manufactured with Superior’s SpinGuard® seal system. This technology is well recognized as one of the finest defenses against contaminants getting to the bearing. With ingredients like HDPE and SpinGuard seal systems, Moxie rolls produce very low roll resistance, saving you from extra horse power and out of pocket expenses.

Moxie rolls are a quiet and lightweight alternative to steel that can be retrofit into any competitor’s idler frame or bracket. They are designed for users who are frustrated with material sticking to steel rolls, causing uneven wear and belt misalignment. These problems are solved with this durable, portable and very cost effective idler roll.

Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, Superior Industries designs and fabricates a full line of conveying equipment, telescoping conveyors, feed systems and manufactures high quality idlers, pulleys and other conveyor components built to CEMA specifications.