Ega Master is soon to launch the latest outcome of its high-tech R&D team: new mini inspection cameras equipped with Wi-Fi technology. These are the result of Ega Master investing 7% of its resources to research and development – five times as much as the sectorial average.

These devices comprise a handle with a camera, with extensible cables up to 9m, and a 3.5in TFT colour screen. Besides its high-definition image both under daylight or in complete darkness (thanks to powerful LED lights), the best virtue of these inspection cameras is that the screen is detachable, so that the handle-camera can be inserted in the most remote or unaccessible place, while the operator can watch the screen in a comfortable or convenient place. This is possible due to the Wi-Fi technology, which is being used here for the first time in mini inspection cameras.

There are two models available: Mastervision Mini, for those who do not need a recording function; and Mastervision Mini Rec, which enables the end user to make videos that can afterwards be used individually or with an expert team to find the best possible approach to the solution of the problem.

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