REMA TIP TOP introduce their new, long-life ceramic pulley lagging, REMAGRIP CK-Xtreme – the new dimension for extreme situations.

As a leading manufacturer of lagging materials for conveyor belts, TIP TOP Industrie has always been synonymous with innovative technology.

TIP TOP Industrie’s focused know-how is also reflected in a complete range of problem solving concepts for pulley lagging with rubber and ceramic covers which encompasses everything from problem analysis through consultancy to product application.

In order to further increase the profitability of conveyors, TIP TOP Industrie´s specialists keep asking themselves: How can the service life of pulley laggings be extended?

Now, TIP TOP Industrie has found a new answer: the service life of the rubber/ceramic pulley lagging REMAGRIP CK-X by far exceeds the lifetime of traditional pulley laggings.

The REMAGRIP CK-X design is suitable for a wide range of applications and pulley sizes. It can be individually adapted to suit virtually any pulley width.

This makes installation much easier, and minimizes warehousing costs.

The well-proven CN bonding layer ensures fast and easy application to the pulley, avoiding time-consuming buffing operations.

The development of REMAGRIP CK-X was based on extensive calculations according to the FEM (Finite Element) method. TIP TOP Industrie used this method to further optimize its rubber / ceramic pulley laggings, which have proven their efficiency for years.

One of the most powerful software products was applied to this end. In this way, it was possible to reduce the material load on REMAGRIP CK-X up to one 15th of that put on conventional ceramic laggings.

This makes REMAGRIP CK-X the ideal pulley lagging even for extreme situations.