Sermat is a battery factory for the automotive market based in the city of Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Founded in 1961, Sermat grew its reputation through stringent quality control standards in its aim for unquestionable product quality.

When it comes to the manufacturing process these same quality standards are crucial, so when Sermat needed a new pump for transferring lead sludge in their battery plate coating process they came to Interpump and Verderflex for a solution.

Verderflex are manufacturers of the world’s toughest peristaltic hose pumps and Sermat already had one of the Verderflex pump range running successfully since 2004.

Originally Sermat considered using air diaphragm pumps to pump this abrasive sludge but these pumps easily get blocked and require frequent maintenance. A Verderflex peristaltic hose pump has no seals and no moving parts that ever come into contact with the sludge. There is nothing to block or clog and no metal parts that can corrode because of the abrasive nature of the lead. Because the hose is the only wearing part it is the only aspect of the pump that requires maintenance and the quick tube change keeps downtime to an absolute minimum, decreasing costs and increasing profits.

The two pumps Sermat chose were the VF15 and the VF25 capable of pumping up to 600l/hr and 2,100l/hr respectively. They are able to run dry, self prime and pump variable consistencies of sludge without any impact on performance – something that other pump types are unable to handle. For Jan 2010 Sermat are considering the purchase of a new DURA 25 for their plant expansion based on the successful, trouble-free operation of the existing pumps.