Slimline Manufacturing, a specialist manufacturer of portable Turbomist evaporators and turnkey solutions, have come out with a very interesting paper on how to measure the proper number of evaporators needed for applications involving tailing ponds and heap-leach pads in the mining sector.

The basic seven-step formula includes the following aspects:

  • Determine the volume of water you wish to evaporate. Take the volume determined from the above analysis and convert that figure into US gallons
  • Determine which nozzle configuration is going to be used
  • Determine the pressure that will be available at the machine
  • Use the configuration and pressure to determine the output per nozzle.
  • Multiple the result of the previous step, the per nozzle output x 30 to obtain the total output in US gallons per minute for one S30P evaporator
  • Determine the pan evaporation rate at the site, consult our estimate of evaporation rate obtainable at given pan evaporation levels. See the Turbomist website at
  • A four-step calculation is now necessary to determine the amount of evaporators needed

The full paper with all the finer details on the above formula can be found on the Turbomister website under the downloadable PDF’s tab.