An order for a plate feeder and 2 MMD sizers has been received from the largest borate mine in Turkey.

MMD sizers have been previously utilised in North American borate applications; however these are the first MMD sizers and feeder to be installed in Turkey. Amongst the many mineral resources that Turkey possess, they have the world’s largest borate deposits (approximately 72%) and are also the world’s leading exporter of borate, supplying to varied industries from agriculture to ceramics to nuclear and many more.

The installation of the D4 plate feeder, 625 primary sizer and 625 secondary sizer is due to take place during May and June 2010 and, after commissioning tests it will be processing 650t/hr of ROM borate ore and sometimes sticky clay mix containing lumps of up to 600mm in size. Due to the MMD sizer’s unique features these dry, sticky mixes are easily handled, and in this case after primary and secondary sizing a 75mm nominal product will result, carried away by the belt conveyor for further processing and extraction of tincalconite.