Thanks to 30 years of experience in the field of wear protection and thanks to the utilisation of 1st quality raw materials EUROGOMMA is now in position to offer a complete range of highly technological products for the protection and cleaning of rubber conveyor belts to our World customer community.

This range of products includes impact cradles and impact pads for the protection of transfer points together with primary and secondary scrapers for the cleaning of the conveyor belt.

Below you can find a short description of our products.

EUROGOMMA manufactures complete impact cradles made of steel or stainless steel structure and elastic polyurethane bars.

It is understood that after the 1st installation the metal structure should never need replacing… the only replaceable items are the impact bars.

Our elastic polyurethane impact bars are tremendously cost-effective. In fact the low friction coefficient of urethane together with a very elevated elasticity of our material permits the total utilisation of the polyurethane layer.

This does not happen with standard rubber + UHMW bars as they must be replaced when the UHMW layer is worn.

Even in transferring hoppers the utilisation of our elastic polyurethane demonstrates to give great advantages. This urethane offers longer life than any other wear resistant material (rubber, metals, UHMW, etc.), significantly reduces noise and avoids any risk of plugging on the transferring surface.