Megadoor has received an order for six doors for the new workshop building at Moolarben Coal Mines. The new workshop building was completed in 2010 and was designed with the possibility of adding Megadoor at a later date.

The workshop building is in an elevated position and the prevailing winds blow directly into the shop along with unwanted dust. Moolarben Coal Mines is part of Yancoal Australia. The mine is a world class coal asset located 40 km east of Mudgee in the Upper Hunter Valley, New South Wales Australia. Production is expected to reach around 12 million tonnes per annum.

The customer required a solution to enhance the working environment with the ability to seal up the openings when the weather turns for the worse. The Megadoor system was able to fulfil the customer requirements as it provides the best sealing properties on the market and keeps air infiltration to a minimum. The Megadoor system has been proven to offer exceptional reliability with minimal maintenance requirements and 100% safe operation, giving its customers peace of mind.

The order includes four series of Megadoor S1000 and two series of Megadoor S800, with a sizes ranging from 6m x 5m up to 12m x 11m. All doors will be supplied with translucent fabric which maximizes the amount of natural light into the building for a pleasant and energy-efficient working environment.

The order was placed in May and the installation is expected to be completed in July 2012. The Megadoor system will be manufactured in Skellefteå, Sweden.