Cytec Industries Inc. recently launched FLOTATION MATRIX 100™, an exciting new program for the mineral processing industry that builds on Cytec’s continued commitment to partnering with customers and delivering optimal operational and metallurgical benefits.

This proprietary program integrates the company’s unmatched technical know-how with a methodical approach and comprehensive expert system.

Whether you need to reduce costs of your entire milling process or increase grade or yield, FLOTATION MATRIX 100™ delivers measurable improvements. Building on Cytec’s nearly 100 years of flotation experience; we have developed a holistic approach to the chemical selection process that relies on four key phases: Needs Assessment,
Reagent Selection, Lab Testing and Plant Testing.

In Needs Assessment, Cytec conducts a thorough evaluation of the customers’ requirements, ranging from plant objectives and constraints, to Mineralogy and ore types. The Reagent Selection phase uses a proprietary expert system to make efficient, systematic recommendations that are tailored to the customers’ specific needs.

Extensive Lab and Plant testing helps to ensure that the custom blended formulations offer the optimal solution. Applying the standardized, systematic information harvested in the first two steps of the FLOTATION MATRIX 100™ process not only expedites Lab and Plant testing processes, but ultimately drives process improvements.

No one else in the mining chemicals industry can match Cytec’s continually expanding depth of knowledge and technical know-how. Your
Cytec representative is ready to work with you to address your needs and meet your goals.