Following its successful partnership in New Zealand, PGG Wrightson is now joining forces with dust and erosion control specialists GRT as it seeks to grow its presence within the Australian market, particularly in Victoria, South Australia and the key mining state of Western Australia.

PGG Wrightson is expanding its operations across the country currently focussed on seeds, revegetation and site rehabilitation to target the environmental, health and safety management sectors using GRT’s soil stabilisation, dust suppression, erosion control, and water management products. Commencing in 2018, this agreement is for the purpose of driving efficiencies and mitigating the impact of development in the civil, land development, mining and resource sectors across Australia.

PGG Wrightson provides an array of products and services on both sides of the Tasman and is considered a legacy enterprise due to its 160 plus years history as a business leader in the country.

Specifically, the products will be represented and stocked by its PGG Wrightson “Turf” division in every state of Australia, working hand-in-hand with GRT’s experienced staff – with Western Australia a key focus area requiring full-time staff and product support to cater for demand in the mining and civil markets.

PGG Wrightson Turf Business Manager Mark Shaw believes that GRT products complement the firms experience in servicing large-scale resource sector projects.

“We see Australia’s construction, mining, and agricultural sectors presenting significant opportunities for PGG Wrightson over the long-term, and with GRT we’ve found an ideal partner to complement our expertise in servicing the resource sector,” Mr Shaw said.

“PGG Wrightson has extensive linkages with industry across Australia and the appeal of the GRT product range is its ability to cater for a vast amount of environmental and business needs – allowing us to meet growing demand. It allows us to service an extensive range of customers across the country to scale and allows us to leverage the strength of our channels to key markets with a product that has significant demand from the resource and civil sectors.”

Using technology, it has developed for the civil, agricultural, mining and agricultural sectors, Queensland headquartered GRT delivers infrastructure and process solutions – saving time, money, resources and minimising environmental impacts. These are provided to clients as an environmentally friendly solution that can be applied into clay, silt, sand and gravel materials to create safer and sustainable infrastructure.

According to GRT General Manager Daniel Grundy, he is excited to expand the partnership with PGG Wrightsons into Australia, building on the relationship they’ve established in the New Zealand market.

“Our growing partnership with PGG Wrightson aligns with our strategy to expand our capacity and product reach across the Australian market as we seek to build our presence particularly in the southern states and Western Australia,” said Mr Grundy.

“This domestic expansion is occurring at the same time as the growth in our international operations that has seen us expand further into the UAE, Oman, Brazil, India and as mentioned, New Zealand. Our focus is on regions with large industrial, agricultural and resource sectors, as we’ve identified that GRT products are the right solution for their infrastructure and operational needs.”