With a company history tracing back to the establishment of the Electric Wheel Company in 1890 in the USA, Titan is the largest integrated provider and service specialist of tyres, wheels, tracks and axles in Australia. In fact, Titan Australia is the only company in Australia to manufacture and supply both tyres, wheels and undercarriage for tracked equipment.

A far cry from its humble beginnings producing wheels for wagons and farm implements in Quincy, Illinois, the name Titan is now synonymous around the world with the manufacture and supply of high-quality wheels, tyres and undercarriage for everything from 4WDs, recreational vehicles, buses and trucks, through to specialist mining equipment, agricultural equipment, and construction and earthmoving equipment of all sizes. Needless to say, this ‘One Stop Shop’ approach is delivering significant benefits to fleet and equipment owners across Australia.

Titan Australia chief operating officer Adam Oakenful explained: “In the roads and infrastructure construction and maintenance sector, the majority of operators tend to have an extremely diverse fleet of vehicles and equipment.”

“From small trucks, 4WDs, tippers and low-loaders, through to excavators, dozers, graders and other construction equipment (both large and small), the range of tyres, wheels, track and undercarriage components required to keep these fleets on the road or operational on the worksite can be extensive to say the least.”

“What’s more, something as basic as a damaged tire, wheel or track on one piece of equipment, can bring an entire worksite to a standstill – and even on a relatively small project, that equipment downtime can end up costing a fortune.”

“Needless to say, managing tyre, wheel and track repairs, replacements and other maintenance for such a diverse fleet can be an extremely onerous task, and in many instances, it can result in having to deal with multiple suppliers for different components,” he said.

“By bringing everything together under one roof, we’re able to streamline the entire process for our clients,” Adam Oakenful added.

“Whether it’s a wheel repair, new wheels, tyres, scheduled maintenance and repairs to undercarriage components, or replacement tracks, axles or other related parts, we’re able to provide our clients with a single point of contact and a fully integrated, streamlined service.”

Together with the obvious productivity benefits resulting from having one central supplier for all tyre, wheel and track needs, this unique ‘one stop shop’ capability delivers a range of other benefits, including consistent quality control across all aspects of the manufacture / refurbishment / supply process.

“All of our tyres, wheels and tracks are manufactured by Titan, either locally or globally. And that means we have our own strict quality control over the entire supply chain from start to finish,” Adam Oakenful said.

“What’s more, as a global leader and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of specialist tyres and wheels, Titan’s expertise and ‘knowledge base’ is truly second-to-none. This enables us to work proactively with our customers to develop maintenance and supply solutions that not only streamline operations and boost productivity, but also help to reduce operating costs and minimise equipment downtime,” he added.

This focus on working with customers to help minimise downtime and operating costs is clearly evidenced by Titan’s refurbishment works. Forming a significant part of the company’s business, Titan provides a full refurbishment, repair and rebuild service for all manner of wheels and tracks. In many cases, refurbishing wheels and tracks can extend the life-cycle of these parts by up to 30%, and can be carried out for significantly less than the cost of new replacement parts – providing significant savings for customers, without any compromise in quality or performance when compared to a new replacement part.