Brokk Connect 2.0 – the next step for the online platform for connected Brokk robots – launched earlier this year. The new release introduces several new features, such as a sophisticated geofencing function, user customization of the platform, and a new weekly status report that helps Brokk owners to stay up to date on their fleet’s status. And perhaps most importantly, with Brokk Connect 2.0, the successful service is now available all over Europe and North America.

Brokk Connect 2.0 is the next step for the online platform for connected Brokk robots. Brokk Connect was announced in February this year and has been available in three pilot markets. With the release of Brokk Connect 2.0, it now becomes available all over Europe and North America.
Brokk Connect is an online platform developed by Brokk. The solution includes both hardware and software that are unique to meet the specific requirements of the operation and management of demolition robots. To provide the best coverage and always-on operation, the robots are connected over the mobile network.

Brokk Connect 2.0 delivers several new features. These include a sophisticated always-on geofencing functionality that helps Brokk owners keep control of their fleet of machines and assists the owner in case of theft or unauthorized use. It is now also possible to customize the online platform to your own preference. And there is a whole new weekly status report over your fleet of Brokk robots to keep you up to date if there is anything that needs attention.

“As we said when we announced Brokk Connect, it is a solution that we will continue to develop and expand. Brokk Connect 2.0 is now the next step, but it is definitely not the last. Connected machines and all their benefits are here to stay,” says Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk Group.

Some of the key benefits of Brokk Connect are firstly to have access to real-time information about the location of the robot, the status, operational data, and any need for attention. Then Brokk Connect lets you leverage the data to manage fleet utilization and optimize project planning. And finally combined with a Brokk Uptime service contract, you can relax and let Brokk monitor your machines’ status, troubleshot any issues remotely and proactively. Machine uptime is maximized, and the robot is always ready for the next job.

“The feedback from our customers who have tried Brokk Connect and signed up for a Brokk Uptime service contract during the pilot period, is that they could not imagine going back to machines without the system,” says Martin Krupicka.

Brokk Connect is available on all new Brokk robots but can also be retrofitted on older models. This way Brokk customers can get their entire Brokk fleet connected.

With Brokk Connect 2.0, the solution will now be expanded across all of Europe and North America. In 2022, it will be made available to the rest of the world as well.