Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology continues its long tradition of developing innovative technology to help our customers improve productivity, reduce cost & enhance safety. Our recent product development efforts translate this tradition into tangible results for our customers.

Growing the Sandvik i-Series Line of Intelligent Drills

With three new platforms nearing release, we continue to expand our i-Series line of intelligent drills designed to offer our customers a broader range of hole diameters with single-pass, multi-pass, high and low pressure options. As our platform of the future, the i-Series family comes with an impressive array of advanced features and customer benefits.

All i-Series drills are built around an advanced CAN BUS design with enhanced control systems helping reduce troubleshooting time and increasing availability. Our scalable (non-bundled) surface drill automation architecture allows for a customized path to the level of automation you need, when you need it.

Our OptiMine® solution is an analytics and process optimization suite that offers a collection of digital solutions targeted to improve efficiency of your mining operations and offers advanced analytics to help identify process improvements via predictive insights.

Drills equipped with our patented Compressor Management System can save customers up to 30% on fuel with a proportional increase in engine and compressor life.
Sandvik DR412i Rotary Blasthole Drill – Dependability Defined
The Sandvik DR412i blasthole drill is designed to improve conservation and deliver dependable penetration in the world’s harshest mining conditions. Constructed for rotary or down-the-hole drilling, the DR412i is automation-ready and built to guarantee reliability while bringing a new level of safety and productivity to any operation. The DR412i is designed for rotary and down the hole drilling applications with a hole range of 216mm-311mm. High and low pressure versions are available with single-pass maximum hole depth of 31m and multi-pass maximum hole depth of 75m.

Sandvik DR416i Rotary Blasthole Drill – Built for You

Scheduled to be released in the first half of 2018, the Sandvik DR416i rotary blasthole drill is the largest surface drill in our portfolio, capable of drilling up to 406mm (16 in) holes while offering the highest rotational torques and pulldown forces at the lowest possible operating cost.

Coming Soon: the Sandvik DR410i

The DR410i, slated for release in 2019 is the next addition to the i-Series line of intelligent drill solutions from Sandvik. The DR410i is designed for rotary drilling applications with a hole range of 200mm-225mm and down the hole applications with a hole range of 152mm-225mm. High and low pressure versions are available with single-pass maximum hole depth of 14m and multi-pass maximum hole depth of 56m.

Leopard DI650i Intelligent and Scalable

Scheduled to be released at Electra Mining Africa, September 10-14 the Leopard DI650i completes our surface DTH drill offering for the mining and construction markets. As with all our surface down-the-hole (DTH) drills, the DI650i offers superior mobility, excellent operator comfort and serviceability and an intelligent DTH control system, which can be scaled up in the future with more automated features.

DA555 Rod Loader – Enhancing Safety and Improving Production

Sandvik DA555 Rod Loader for both core drilling and reverse circulation enhances safety and productivity. Its remote-control function combines a whole new level of safety, production and economy. Based on the proven and reliable Sandvik DA554 rod loader, the DA555 reduces manual lifting of drill rods. Standard equipment on the DE800 iSeries, the DA555 Rod Loader is also available as a retro-fit for older Sandvik DE800 hydraulic models.

The patented design incorporates internal jaws inside the cup, clamping the rod during loading operations. This process ensures that the rod joint is secured and torqued correctly to the rotation unit before the rod loader is removed, therefore reducing rod falls

The DA555 loads 3m and 6m N, H and P sized diamond core and 6m 2.875, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 size reverse heavy circulation drill rods remotely, keeping the operator at a safe distance of 50m. Simple to operate and easy to learn, it’s ideally suited for both coring and RC applications.

The Ranger DXi Series – Take a Bigger Piece of the Pie

The new Ranger DXi series pushes boundaries with several new high-performing features for improving the drilling process: improved drilling coverage equipped with new powerful rockdrill, Sandvik-style intelligence and high fuel efficiency make this drill rig the most powerful and efficient top hammer drill rig in its class. It represents a totally new generation of Ranger product family.

Ranger DX top hammer drill rigs enable drilling coverage of 55m², which saves working time and minimizes the need to reposition the rig. Despite the rig’s ability to rotate 290°, its counterweight structure ensures stability by maintaining weight opposite the boom.

Higher productivity is possible with other new features such as:

  • New rockdrill family with 21-27kW power
  • Sandvik GT 60 tools deliver higher productivity with straighter 92-127mm holes
  • iTorque control system enables you to tackle difficult rock with ease
  • Improved operator ergonomics with easy-to-use joysticks and control panels and super-low cabin noise emission levels

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology Surface Drilling & Exploration President Joanne Cooke remarked: “We continue to evolve our product offering to meet the ever-changing technology landscape but more importantly to make sure we are delivering exceptional value to our customers. The products we have released to the market along with the soon to be released products reinforce our culture of aggressive innovation and our never-ending focus on our customers whose feedback we have used in the development of these new products.”