The world’s first high-volume dual diaphragm pump leads an innovative lineup

Pumps 2000 is the only diaphragm pump in the world designed for mining conditions at the request of
the Australian mining industry due to the significant costs associated with using other brands, neck and
back injuries, harmful emissions and skin allergies from lubrication, indirect costs to machinery from a wet mine due to ineffective and unreliable dewatering pumps, and high energy costs.

Benefits and savings result from a significant reduction in pump maintenance and replacement pump costs, reduced energy costs, and lower indirect costs due to a drier mine.


Mount Isa Mines in Queensland, Australia, needed reliability and toughness in their pumps, and they had a lot of them. Initially using over 1,000 pumps and spending millions of dollars in pump maintenance costs including replacing hundreds of pumps per year, the mine tested various brands and chose Pumps 2000.

The savings from a reduction in pump maintenance costs is astronomical and the mines use fewer pumps resulting in a drier mine. They have been able to operate with close to half of the previous fleet and reduce their overall air usage by nearly 35 percent. In addition, they benefit from a reduction in indirect costs such as vehicle maintenance and work related injuries due to a drier mine.

Not only does the mine save on energy costs from using fewer pumps, each pump uses significantly less air so they can run more pumps on less air. Also, less air is available the farther away the pump is from the compressor so they can pump more volume on less air (cfm’s).


The Australia mining board requested that our founder, Joe Santa, create a new diaphragm pump that would be lighter to reduce manual handling injuries and one specifically designed for mining conditions so it would hold up longer to dirty air and particulate laden liquids and slurry more effectively ultimately creating a drier mine and lowering indirect costs such as vehicle maintenance.

He was well known as a consultant for setting up mines and developing equipment to solve problems in various industries, in particular mining from revolutionizing roof bolts with the use of time released resins to handheld drills.

The competitor’s units were unreliably lasting three or four weeks on average before requiring replacement parts and were eventually replaced after approximately one year because they could no longer be repaired. To combat the issues others in its sector were having and to offer the industry the most efficiently designed and running pumps, it developed and patented a system to eliminate the issues
being reported.